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Krasi ENG

Greek wine, let's stick to that

Encounters with wine, krasi in Greek. Vicky and friends, clients with a bottle of mine, a bottle popping in the hands of students and passengers.

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life seen through pink glasses (of wine)

royal flushPosted by Vicky Wed, April 25, 2018 12:52:20

Here we are. Love happened. The Man pronounced the word at the moment when people started choosing lightly woven garments over cashmere. Because Spring arrived as well: volumes and doses are being lowered in order to give the full floor to smiling, seducing faces. It would be clever to discuss this abrupt transition of ice-cold to torridly hot, but we don’t feel like it yet. Later, promise.

It seems more pertinent to break one’s head over the bottle to be presented at the first date. A rosé? Does the Man-philosopher, poet, jazz fanatic “do” brosé*?

Nothing to lose, so there we go. The Akakies rosé, fully xinomavro from Kir Yianni’s vineyards, chilled in the bicycle basket. Hoping that neither the warm temperature, nor the trembling hands, nor the belly butterflies endanger the freshness of the bottle. The Man, declaring himself a non-connoisseur, discovers crisp fruit, cinnamon, licorice and acidity. He tastes, smiles and confirms.

Him smiling, makes the world smile. His appreciation of the wine convinces me. Within two days, we’ll be discussing the climate change.

*stupid world for rosé tasted by brothers

Party conspiracy

royal flushPosted by Vicky Thu, January 18, 2018 00:05:59

A party organized by two, I was one of them, was about to become a burden on my friends. During the first hours I found myself preparing welcoming drinks to the few identified and a bunch unknown. (Tio Tonic, by the way, cured a couple of ladies feeling ill upon arrival and made the healthy even more happy.) Midnight was approaching and I forced a few copains into a break-away from spicy pasta and fino sherry. I wanted to gather impressions of wine lovers, not mainly professional somms, about a juice I just heard of. Presenting Tselepos’ Melissopetra 2016, in festive and crowdy conditions, it was a gamble.

Instantly the dj was ignored and the small talk interfered by this Greek gewürztraminer. Royal, lush by nature, much more than fruit, still elegant and fresh. €15 plus: no discussion! As it was my first tasting of the Melissopetra as well, I couldn’t really add a characteristic. Perhaps that the dark smokey undertone makes this Greek worthy of comparison to Alsace gewurz.

Festivities would last until 5am.