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Krasi ENG

Greek wine, let's stick to that

Encounters with wine, krasi in Greek. Vicky and friends, clients with a bottle of mine, a bottle popping in the hands of students and passengers.

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four myths, fifty shades

vigorPosted by Vicky Sun, February 25, 2018 18:29:33

A casual rendez-vous in Mechelen, with retsina. The Man asks if I want to join him for Fifty Shades and, actually, I ‘m in a very generous mood. A Greek mezze, a bottle of wine, to share as if it were saint valentine’s day. When I ask Maria of restaurant Zorba what kind of resin wine she advises, the reaction “yes, THAT one” comes as fast as her reply “The one from Tetramythos”.

Tetramythos and its four myths make me weak. Two brothers and a talented oenologist cultivate and produce organically several varieties at an altitude of some hundreds, even a kilometer above sea level. If these vines had eyes, they would enjoy a divine sight over the sea. Natural cliffs make this northern part of the Peloponnesos peninsula even more dramatic. I once nearly failed to overcome my agony when I took the wrong road up to the domain. The unpaved road became narrower as the mountainsides almost touched the car. Never again was I going to sip a drip of retsina! Fortunately, the rescue was just around the next turn. As it was in the movie. And as it almost was in the after-movie moments, if there wasn’t a police officer asking for ID.